Ground Radar Systems Apprentice

Ground radar systems apprentices install, maintain, and repair fixed or mobile air traffic control, weather, ground aircraft control and warning radar systems, related radar operator training devices, aircraft identification equipment, remoting systems, video mappers, computerized processors, and communications subsystems. They operate and relocate related support and communications equipment. And use electronic test equipment.

As a ground radar systems apprentice, you will perform ground radar functions. You will plan, organize, and schedule work assignments, workloads, and maintenance procedures for ground radar activities. You will establish production controls and standards. Prepare reports on maintaining, installing, repairing, removing all types of ground radar systems. You ensure operations and maintenance economies by improving work methods and procedures. You will design and develop organizational structures, including manning, duty assignments, and workloads. Ground radar systems apprentices inspect and evaluate ground radar activities. Serve on or direct ground radar maintenance inspection teams organized to evaluate base or command maintenance programs. And perform ground radar research and development projects.

CCAF Degrees:
Electronic Systems Technology
Tech Schools:
Keesler AFB, MS

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